Wednesday, 12 February 2014

We are the biggest ‘Predator’ of ‘All-time’!

Our ‘age’ of evolution altered a balance right from when we were able to hunt on two legs....Our out-look was vast and new, looking over the tall grasses and so from here-on our capabilities were endless., evolving into what we are today.

Our closest relatives still live in the ‘trees’ and is why we have this affinity for them and their habitat.  

But Nature went too far and human population became overwhelming that now we’re extracting on a massive scale down to the last of everything that’s destroying a giant ‘ecosystem’! 

~ Rivers ~

Too much Algal  growth shades-out life below which exhausts the Oxygen.......called ‘Dead Zones’ 

Overfishing,  Fossil fuels,  Minerals and Pollution so deadly eliminates an environment ‘we All depend’......OXYGEN !

Those with this insatiable desire to eXploit our planet don’t deserve their position who know full-well there’s a better way.  The people of ‘power’ have certainly  signed-up to be ‘unworthy’ by allowing  a destructive  future!  “And we should be spanked for believing and trusting their false world.

Storm in a bowl of Soup, which left the marine environments sparse of predators all but a few ...unyet traditions seemed in demand by beings, which really had no taste whatsoever........e.g.  Manta gills that are used for medicine (health tonic) have zero proof.   Manta and Mobula rays are slow to reproduce  and more vulnerable to exploitation than known.   How to decimate a once rich and healthy sea,   ecosystems of unfound quantities undiscovered. 

Too much money spent on searching the Moon’s behind than the Ocean’s bottom.    Is now showing signs of  ‘unwell’.  Polluted with now vinyl tides and the combination of toxic run-offs give no chance of repair., as the men in Gov.  dilly- dally about shoving paper work and e-mails around the globe to which is more important or more often...... not.

And here we are bracing against 100 mph gusts coupled with heavy rainfalls causing many Floods across UK.......perhaps the men at the Top will arrive on Earth and Act on 'ClimateChange'  reducing Co2......when their feet have stepped-in the water too deep!

Unspoken words should be said

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Calling of the Sea

Tresaith Beach in Wales

If you didn't own a'd have your thoughts,

Enriched by nature where the Seashore sings,

A lonely Seabird speaks..they seem so few.

Once a Sea of joy "Our happy day's were good",

Of sailing boats and playing in the sand.

The sea-view from our house is small but worth it, every inch!

A taste of salty air brought in along the morning breeze,

On days of storm it's hardly seen for sea-mist blanks it out.

For you have other faces,

A Sea of calm thats still and could be crystal clear,

The treacherous heights that waves will go of endless strengths of hunger.

With rhythmic waves from moon's great pulls...

sends the many tides.

"Oh troubled times for sea creatures"....Alter or be done,

Your home is now unhealthy from shores to out at sea.

A Pirate's sunken ship has laid......where time grew on in microbes,

Centuries have past to have another change,

Where Ships of speed and reckless thought exploit a living Sea,

With many forms of plastic, Oil, chemical run-offs.........the New Seafood,

T's Not their realm.

Sea of Old and so much Wonder...still to be discovered,

We live in hope to put you right,

Now we've heard your Call.

copyright: L.Shaw (@Lynnibinny)

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Learn from those that 'adapt'.

Our teenage Son explains how he 'see's' the 'Portuguese Man-of-war'....."The Borg"...whereby they are of a 'collective intelligence and if any species was 'alien', they most certainly are.

I have to agree with a certain extent "If any one species was to survive, it's these."  And not forgetting the 'Seajellies'.

Portuguese man-of-war  ~  'Siphonophore'  a species made up of a colony of organisms working together.

The floating purply-blue 'plastic-looking bag' drifts on the motion from the sea's currents, as they have no independant separate way to direct themselves (no propulsion.)  And is not an 'it' but a 'they'.  Are four  separate 'polyps' ::: A gas filled bladder or pneumatophores is the upper part, where they can if under threat....deflate their air bags and for a moment submerge out of danger.

It's tentacles are it's second 'organism' and can extend these long, thin tendrills to a massive 165 feet (50 metres) they average around 30 feet (10 metres.)

Muscles in the tentacles draw prey towards a polyp containing gastrozooids or digestive organisms.

The reproductive organism is within the fourth polyp.

The 'Seajellies' venom is totally different from the 'Portuguese man-of-war and must Not have the same medical treatment applied, if stung!

If you are 'stung' by them it wouldn't always be fatel but extremely painful.  Never touch a dead, washed-up one, as they can still give out a 'sting'!

Each 'zooid' is so specialised that one aloan couldn't survive, only as a group.  Perhaps long ago evolution processes altered it's biological DNA.  We are moving into another time of 'change', change of weather patterns, Co2 emissions causing a dramatic alteration in the Sea's chemistry.

Prolonged association between two or more different organisms is called a 'Symbiosis'.

Natural selection is the only known cause of adaptation, those that can 'move-on' and those that can't 'die'.

However changeable species can be, we most certainly can learn from them.

Whereas, 'Seajellies' swim all the time.  Their bodies are composed of over 95% water and have been around for possibly 700 million years, making them the oldest multi-organ animal.


Friday, 5 April 2013


Looking north from Ceibwr Bay ~ Pembrokeshire

                   This little Cove has been used for many film productions...certainly gives the feel of a  'Smuggler's Cove'.

Looking South ~ where I notice a plastic bag caught on the rocks, to left.

Interesting Rock formations, Caves and where the Seals are best spotted in Autumn.

Ceredigion (Cardigan Town)  ~ showing a snippet of restoration to it's Castle, on right.

River Teifi ~ Cardigan Town.

Heading out of Cardigan towards Poppit Sands.

The Geese along the way to Poppit Sands.

Carew Castle ~ Pembrokeshire.
Originally a Norman stronghold, shows many structrual modifications, one being the Tudor window frames.

Laugharne Castle ~ Carmarthenshire.

Dylan Thomas the poet's haunts.

Newport Beach ~ Pembrokeshire.

& looking further around the coast where the waves were fierce.

As the evening moves in..different lights play a magical moment along the estuary in Newport going home., where the 

Heron's meet.

Parrog, Newport where the Boat Club enthusiates meet.

Opposite Carningli mountain is the Bay  (Newport)

& here is Carningli where the Wild Ponies live, over-looking the Sea.  Carningli meaning (The Mountain of Angels.)

Pentre Ifan looking across to the Sea. ( A burial chamber ~ dates back to about 3.500BC.)

Walking into Saundersfoot.

Along the stretch of sand is where a Woodland meets the Sea.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Times they are a Changing

credit to: Brian Skerry
Manatees are creatures sensitive to their environment

Our Children need to be educated with good ‘Life’ skills if they are to survive Earth’s future.  Earth has an incredible source of Water with different Life forms but with the High Pollution seeping into the Air that we breath, the ground so sterile it’s genetically forced to grow other forms of plants that don’t conform to Health & Safety.....Run by large companies taking over and destroying our Natural food grains/seeds and ‘Pollinators’.

 The Future on Earth will be grim without the knowledge of edible plant-life, growing and cultivating one’s own produce.

As the Grounds, Rivers, Fresh-Water supplies dry-up.....Human’s will also migrate.......I’ll leave you with this thought.  

Climate Change is causing grave concern across the globe

The  Ocean has depleted it’s stocks of fish in most areas, species are struggling to adapt to the change in water temperatures, those that can, move on.....

The methane or ‘natural gas’ is now released via melting ice from the Tundra of the Arctic!   An effect sometimes referred to as “the methane time bomb” which causes more Warming!  It’s more than 60 times as powerful as CO2, although it decays more quickly.

There is a fear that rising temperatures may have started to activate the positive feedback mechanism.  This would see higher atmospheric levels of the Gas producing more warming, which in turn would release more ‘methane’, which would produce even further warming and so on into an ‘uncontrollable’ runaway Warming effect.  This is believed to have happened at the end of the last ‘Ice Age’ causing a very rapid temperature rise in a matter of decades.


Next Magnetic Pole Reversal is underway, Scientists say:

31st July'12 ~ A Bird Flu Epidemic Is Killing Hundreds Of Baby Seals:

2nd Aug'12 ~ Skin Cancer discovered in Fish for the first time:

5th Aug'12 ~ Honey shortages as Wet Weather confines Bees to Hives:

13th Aug'12 ~ Hot Seawater forces shutdown of Nuclear reactor in Connecticut:

13th Aug'12 ~ Sea ice disappearing faster than predicted ~ during 'summer' in a decade the Arctic will be ice-free!  :

Ozone hole UV impacting marine life: study~

It is not thought that the hole in the ozone layer will recover for decades, partly because CFCs take around half a century to even reach it, meaning damage may not be evident for a long time after the CFCs are released.

Carbon dioxide pollution from burning fossil fuels has changed the chemistry of the world's seas in a process called ocean acidification. 

 ·         Evidence already exists suggesting that ocean acidification can limit the ability of marine species to develop their skeleton or shells by making it harder for them to access calcium carbonate in the water.

·         Results from this new study suggest that animals such as clams and sea snails have evolved to form lighter shells in places where it is harder to access the required chemicals.
The study demonstrates the potential for marine life to adapt to changing water chemistry but experts do not know whether marine life will adapt quickly enough, as ocean acidification continues.

These are but a few problems we face



the Words on this last video says it All

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Buzzard nests to be destroyed !

UpDate 11th July '12

LEAGUE Against CRUEL SPORTS: The Shooting Industry is 'Selling Lies' >

Link:  UK #Pheasant & Game Shooting Industry - The Surprising Facts Exposed


Old News below:

Minister for Wildlife and Biodiversity, DEFRA: Stop the subsidy for Buzzard nest destruction.

PETITION >   ....this petition is Now Closed ! Thank you to All who signed*

Re: Link>

Also affects All WildLife >

Is there NO justice for 'Wildlife' !

There are many UK Person's (including Scotland, Wales & Ireland + surrounding Islands) that know this is So wrong to 'Cull' these beautiful Birds!

We live alongside a huge variety of Wildlife and cannot see your point of destruction !!!

Not only have you brought our beloved 'Buzzard's' to light you have high-lighted yourselves !

An Act of  'unthoughtfulness'......these 'Shoots' involve All 'Wildlife within that surrounding area!!!

Please please STOP this NOW..........HELP by writing to your MP ~ this is what I wrote:

Dear ......

     Am stunned and Appalled that DEFRA are considering destroying 'Buzzard' Nests and confining Wild Buzzards to captivity to appease 'Pheasant Shoots'.

       There is also the issue of 'Tax Payer's' Money being used for this destruction....and thirdly 'Shoots' disrupt other Wildlife also re:  ~ i t's NOT all about Eating the 'Pheasant', come clean it's all about 'Shooting' !!!  

     Wildlife needs rescuing NOT diminishing...please help our Plea !

                       I await in great anticipation,

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Taiji Dolphins (Cetaceans)

I’d been observing the information on Twitter about the Taiji Dolphins (Cetaceans) for some number of weeks....learning about the species also......And had stayed in the ‘shallows’ for long enough and was ready to take a step further after  following @MrHolise and @Misty_Dolphin  .....a few of the other members were making calls to their Embassies re: Taiji Fisherman’s Permits being issued soon and would we help by leaving a message to stop the Dolphins from being one of their Slaughters!......this is what happened....

Wednesday 28th March....3.45 p.m. Well, I got through and my message will be passed on but the woman I spoke to at London Embassy was of the opinion that there are plenty of Dolphins - ofcourse I disagreed totally, kept my cool and thanked her anyway !  

I asked her if she was Aware of the slaughters in Taiji ...............

She said "Too many Dolphins and thats why they take their quota".

I even mentioned they'd been killing Fin Whale which is endangered ! And please don't give the Fishermans' permit to kill Cetaceans as these are not Fish !

The woman was adament that there were "Too many dolphins", I said, "how'd you work that one out" ?

 The Oceans are toxic also pcb's, methanes which carry through to whoEver eats them !

 Phew ! they really don't know whats going on behind closed doors ???

So any suspicions about whether the Japanese were Aware of their ‘Actions’ came to ‘light’,
as ethics didn’t come into the conversation (which was taped at their Office "I wonder now if my message got through"?)  And would be passed on..... I had carefully and methodically mentioned every aspect: That they were killing Fin Whales (endangered species) the amount of PCB’s (Toxins) in their blood stream that when consumed,  was unhealthy.

I had mentioned All this twice to make sure the message was correct.

What response does anyOne else get, would be interesting to hear ?? please xXx Am totally SHOCKED !!! .......

Please don't stay in the Shallow water Make that Call: UK London Embassy number: 020 7465 6500  -  United States number: 202 238 6700

JOIN the COVE Please:  SeaShepherd >

If you wish to Help please follow @SeaShepherd @CaptPaulWatson @Misty_Dolphin & @MrHolise

Thanking You