Thursday, 24 May 2012

Buzzard nests to be destroyed !

UpDate 11th July '12

LEAGUE Against CRUEL SPORTS: The Shooting Industry is 'Selling Lies' >

Link:  UK #Pheasant & Game Shooting Industry - The Surprising Facts Exposed


Old News below:

Minister for Wildlife and Biodiversity, DEFRA: Stop the subsidy for Buzzard nest destruction.

PETITION >   ....this petition is Now Closed ! Thank you to All who signed*

Re: Link>

Also affects All WildLife >

Is there NO justice for 'Wildlife' !

There are many UK Person's (including Scotland, Wales & Ireland + surrounding Islands) that know this is So wrong to 'Cull' these beautiful Birds!

We live alongside a huge variety of Wildlife and cannot see your point of destruction !!!

Not only have you brought our beloved 'Buzzard's' to light you have high-lighted yourselves !

An Act of  'unthoughtfulness'......these 'Shoots' involve All 'Wildlife within that surrounding area!!!

Please please STOP this NOW..........HELP by writing to your MP ~ this is what I wrote:

Dear ......

     Am stunned and Appalled that DEFRA are considering destroying 'Buzzard' Nests and confining Wild Buzzards to captivity to appease 'Pheasant Shoots'.

       There is also the issue of 'Tax Payer's' Money being used for this destruction....and thirdly 'Shoots' disrupt other Wildlife also re:  ~ i t's NOT all about Eating the 'Pheasant', come clean it's all about 'Shooting' !!!  

     Wildlife needs rescuing NOT diminishing...please help our Plea !

                       I await in great anticipation,