Wednesday, 12 February 2014

We are the biggest ‘Predator’ of ‘All-time’!

Our ‘age’ of evolution altered a balance right from when we were able to hunt on two legs....Our out-look was vast and new, looking over the tall grasses and so from here-on our capabilities were endless., evolving into what we are today.

Our closest relatives still live in the ‘trees’ and is why we have this affinity for them and their habitat.  

But Nature went too far and human population became overwhelming that now we’re extracting on a massive scale down to the last of everything that’s destroying a giant ‘ecosystem’! 

~ Rivers ~

Too much Algal  growth shades-out life below which exhausts the Oxygen.......called ‘Dead Zones’ 

Overfishing,  Fossil fuels,  Minerals and Pollution so deadly eliminates an environment ‘we All depend’......OXYGEN !

Those with this insatiable desire to eXploit our planet don’t deserve their position who know full-well there’s a better way.  The people of ‘power’ have certainly  signed-up to be ‘unworthy’ by allowing  a destructive  future!  “And we should be spanked for believing and trusting their false world.

Storm in a bowl of Soup, which left the marine environments sparse of predators all but a few ...unyet traditions seemed in demand by beings, which really had no taste whatsoever........e.g.  Manta gills that are used for medicine (health tonic) have zero proof.   Manta and Mobula rays are slow to reproduce  and more vulnerable to exploitation than known.   How to decimate a once rich and healthy sea,   ecosystems of unfound quantities undiscovered. 

Too much money spent on searching the Moon’s behind than the Ocean’s bottom.    Is now showing signs of  ‘unwell’.  Polluted with now vinyl tides and the combination of toxic run-offs give no chance of repair., as the men in Gov.  dilly- dally about shoving paper work and e-mails around the globe to which is more important or more often...... not.

And here we are bracing against 100 mph gusts coupled with heavy rainfalls causing many Floods across UK.......perhaps the men at the Top will arrive on Earth and Act on 'ClimateChange'  reducing Co2......when their feet have stepped-in the water too deep!

Unspoken words should be said

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