Saturday, 31 March 2012

Taiji Dolphins (Cetaceans)

I’d been observing the information on Twitter about the Taiji Dolphins (Cetaceans) for some number of weeks....learning about the species also......And had stayed in the ‘shallows’ for long enough and was ready to take a step further after  following @MrHolise and @Misty_Dolphin  .....a few of the other members were making calls to their Embassies re: Taiji Fisherman’s Permits being issued soon and would we help by leaving a message to stop the Dolphins from being one of their Slaughters!......this is what happened....

Wednesday 28th March....3.45 p.m. Well, I got through and my message will be passed on but the woman I spoke to at London Embassy was of the opinion that there are plenty of Dolphins - ofcourse I disagreed totally, kept my cool and thanked her anyway !  

I asked her if she was Aware of the slaughters in Taiji ...............

She said "Too many Dolphins and thats why they take their quota".

I even mentioned they'd been killing Fin Whale which is endangered ! And please don't give the Fishermans' permit to kill Cetaceans as these are not Fish !

The woman was adament that there were "Too many dolphins", I said, "how'd you work that one out" ?

 The Oceans are toxic also pcb's, methanes which carry through to whoEver eats them !

 Phew ! they really don't know whats going on behind closed doors ???

So any suspicions about whether the Japanese were Aware of their ‘Actions’ came to ‘light’,
as ethics didn’t come into the conversation (which was taped at their Office "I wonder now if my message got through"?)  And would be passed on..... I had carefully and methodically mentioned every aspect: That they were killing Fin Whales (endangered species) the amount of PCB’s (Toxins) in their blood stream that when consumed,  was unhealthy.

I had mentioned All this twice to make sure the message was correct.

What response does anyOne else get, would be interesting to hear ?? please xXx Am totally SHOCKED !!! .......

Please don't stay in the Shallow water Make that Call: UK London Embassy number: 020 7465 6500  -  United States number: 202 238 6700

JOIN the COVE Please:  SeaShepherd >

If you wish to Help please follow @SeaShepherd @CaptPaulWatson @Misty_Dolphin & @MrHolise

Thanking You


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