Friday, 18 November 2011

HUMANKIND has wrecked the ‘thread of life’ !

Politics with their Greedy Corporations have altered it’s balance .....

 What keeps our Planet Alive : #Oceans + species #Woods + species #Bees & #Rivers+species ~ NOT #pesticides #pollution NOT even US !

 So we must decide if we want to look after our Planet and share it’s bounty carefully.

We have to become more Aware of Nature and All it Holds.

When our Fish stocks collapse its starting to turn bad ~ especially when the ‘Menhaden’ fish are low in numbers, when they were once used as ‘bait’.

To continue a healthy Ocean is to keep it’s stocks for the unique ecosystem.....which in turn help us and so we must Not Overfish or Not Eat !  

The Word ‘Plankton’ means ‘Drifter’ or ‘Wanderer’

‘Phytoplankton’ are the foundation of the Oceanic food chain And is in great decline due to the ‘warming of our seas’ !  Some of them are so tiny that they can hardly be seen by the naked eye !

It is the Base of ‘Life’ the producer of the ‘Air’ we breath.

 Links> < Well Worth A Peek !

The way ahead is to Rethink what we’re doing, using, why, made-of and is there a better way ! > questions to help the above.

We are on borrowed time
And cannot continue to abuse our ‘beautiful Earth’

To Top it All ”Governments and their Greedy Corporations decides who lives or dies” !  “How Dare they “! 


  1. Wow! You are so right.Could not have but it better myself. We have indeed have to look after our planet. We only have one world, our world!! Thank you Binnie xXx